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August 2001


The Soap Box

by Mary Xmas

Stem Cell Use?

I don't see what the fuss is all about. If I am in a restaurant seated with my party, we are going to have a conversation, right? And at the table next to us the party should be having a conversation going too. And at the table next to them, and to them, and so on. It's not like it's a library. So why on earth would someone from another party give a CRAP if I have a separate conversation on my cell phone??

Let's be realistic here. I am not bothering anyone if I am talking to someone at my table, so why do people get in a huff if I talk on my cell phone? What friggin business is it of theirs? I don't start talking louder or anything.

If anyone in my party objects, I will gladly end my phone call. Generly my conversations are short, and no one I have dined with has ever found me to be cell-phone-rude.

I was at a BINGO game a couple of weeks ago, and at the start of the session the caller asked that players stay curtious and remain quiet during play because it disturbs other player. She went on to mention that this included cell phone use. The room exploded in applause. I was offended. Many players sit and strike up friendly banter with their seated neighbors. A hushed, brief, conversation on my cell phone (set to ring on vibrate...oooooh!!) wouldn't have been any louder than the other conversations around me.

I think people just don't have anything to complain about, so they find things to worry about. Lighten up people! Go worry about people cutting the "Under Penalty Of Law, Do Not Remove" tags from pillows or something.