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May 2001


If Bunny and Coug were Survivor Jurors

Coug Sez:

Well, I was an Elisabeth fan from day one. Not just because she's dating the brother of our new Seahawk quarterback, either!! But since my choices are limited to either Colby or Tina as finalists, I'll take Tina. Not necessarily because I think she deserved to win, or because of any intense dislike for Colby (aka "eye candy" if you listen to my wife…..but who amongst us does that?). In fact, I think Colby played the game better than anyone else by a landslide (or a flashflood, if you prefer). So why then, you may be asking yourself, does he cast his ballot for Tina? Here are some possible answers:

a) Coug was born in Florida, therefore he miscast his vote.
b) Jeff Probst and Katherine Harris have never been seen together, the votes were obviously miscounted, and a recount is in order.
c) Colby turned into a candy ass.

Just as in all standardized testing, when in doubt, pick C. As I alluded to before, Colby had this thing won. He'd won practically every reward challenge thrown at the group, which allowed him to maintain his strength for all those immunity challenges he walked away with week after week. And then in the final episode, he once again wins immunity, and gets to cast the deciding vote as to who he goes up against in the finals. And he chokes. He spends 41 days doing everything in his power to get to this point, and then blows the biggest decision of his life. All he had to do was vote Tina off, and it would have been he and Keith in the finals, and everyone hated Keith. He would have been a lock for the million dollars. But the runner-up receives one hundred thousand dollars, and Colby just couldn't fathom Keith even winning that much, so he took the easy way out, and lost my vote in the process.

Bunny Sez:

Colby (drooooool) :~~ Need I say more?