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July 2001


The Soap Box

by Tarqness

People say that we live in far more sophisticated times than we did 50 yeas ago. I suppose in some ways, that is quite true. Of course, our technology is far superior to what it was then. Medical science has improved in many ways as well. Socially, we've also come a long way. But there is one area in which our society in particular has plummeted in the past 50 years: manners. What ever happened to manners?

I've noticed that, since I was a kid (which was in the 1970s, but still counts as "back in my day"), the way people in general treat each other has gotten to be downright shameful. When I was younger, my parents taught me that all other people are to be treated with respect. I was taught to say "Please" when requesting something and "Thank You" when given something. That's just the way it was.

We were taught that it's never nice to point out another person's faults. That's "dirty pool", as my mother was, and is still, fond of saying. If we couldn't say anything nice about someone, we didn't say it at all. Especially not to their faces.

We were taught that the world owed us nothing and to be grateful for everything we have because most aren't as fortunate.

We were taught that everyone deserves a fair shake, no matter how they look, what they believe in, or whom they love.

We were taught to fight for the underdog. Never to sit and be indifferent to someone getting kicked around. If we did, that made us just as bad as the bullies.

We were taught that you get back what you give to the world. That kindness is contagious and so is rudeness.

We were taught to always try to see the good in the world. Unfortunately, as time goes by, that gets harder to do.

Maybe someday soon good manners will be all the rage again. It won't happen too soon for my taste.