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July 2001


A lot has happened since my last article....I became a 1st time Grandma!!! So my hours of being on line searching for goofy site's has been replaced by learning to knit baby booties :)

Speaking of being a granny, I made a webpage for my Granddaughter (shameless plug) <g> Check it out, and I will be updating the pic's alot once my new toy (digital camera) arrives :)
Rebecca's Site

CandyLand is a site by LifeSavers. It has all kinds of games, promotions and contests. There are about 40 different games, from golf to trivia to pick from. You do need Shockwave to play these.

In need of Gas?? On this site you can enter your zip code and it will give you the current price for gas and the locations of all the gas stations.
Gas Price Watch

Hosting a BBQ? Throwing a Party?? Wanna show off your bartending talents? This site is pretty kewl. You just select the type of drink you want and it gives you recipes for every drink you can imagine. They have drinks from Kosher to New Age. (pssst..Make mine a double!)
Sip It Up

Are you tired of change? Do you wish things would remain the same? Do you have a website that hasn't been updated in years? Do you enjoy looking at the same thing over and over and over again? Then this site is for you..
Most Neglected Site

I have posted this site before but I enjoy it so much I thought I would share it with you again. You can register to win a free trip to RENO!!! Play the virtual casino for prizes. There is no charge to play these games.
Virtual Casino

Have a Safe and Fun Summer!
Granny DT :)