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August 2000


Welcome to the August supplemental of
HOTP. Due to popular demand, we are happy to be publishing this mini edition for your reading pleasure.

Need some advice about the opposite sex?
Ask The Yenta, she can help. Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays is celebrating Leo's birthdays, no, not DiCaprio. Looking for something to pass the time? Take a trip to your local video store and check out what's For Rent.

Thanks again for joining us, see you next month when we return with a regular issue.

In this issue:

Advice: Do Looks Matter? Ask The Yenta.

Birthdays: Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays unmasks your Leo friends.

Movie Reviews: What's For Rent? Tom Hanks in The Green Mile.

I have no clue what the weather is today, can't you open the curtains your darn self?
The Adoptive Parent Registry

Are you looking for a child to adopt? This registry will put your information in the hands of birthmothers who want to find good homes for their children. Put your information online and let them help you find a child to welcome into your family!

The APR has grown to become the largest online registry of hopeful adoptive parents in the world. You can browse through photographs, letters, and even video clips of other hopeful adoptive parents.

Every hopeful parent in this registry has fulfilled all requirements to be legally qualified to adopt a child in their home state, including a home study by a licensed social worker in all applicable states.


Download of the Month


ZoneAlarm is an easy-to-use Internet security utility that sets up a personal firewall that's particularly well suited to DSL and cable modem users. Computers with such an always-on connection have a permanent IP address, making them especially vulnerable to information theft and other attacks. ZoneAlarm lets you select one of three security levels to separately apply to local and Internet traffic. In addition, you can designate which programs on your computer are allowed to access the Internet. Anytime an event occurs that ZoneAlarm blocks, you're notified with a pop-up window that details the offense and asks how to respond to future occurrences.
Detailed logging of all activity is maintained.

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