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April 2000


by Mary Xmas

When last we left our story. Last month I reported that there wasn’t a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop within 500 miles of my home. Well, just for me, they have opened the first store in Northern California. It’s in Union City, just south of San Francisco. I’ll have to drive just over an hour and a half, one way, to get there. But I hear it’s worth the drive. With gas prices as they are, I figure I’ll have to marry a multi-millionaire to afford it. Hey, I hear Rick Rockwell is available.

Hoppy Easter
. April 24th is Easter Sunday this year. I don’t like holidays that hop around and change dates every year. I can barely remember the dates of the stationary holidays, like my favorite:
Kiss Your Mate Day (April 28th).

Everybody’s Got A Laughing Place.
The Walt Disney Company won’t release
Song Of The South onto video because of the racial tone of the movie. Somehow, my friend obtained a (probably illegal) copy of it dubbed in Japanese, with Chinese subtitles. Good thing we all knew the lyrics to "Zippity Do Dah" otherwise the story of the TarBaby would have lost all meaning.

It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To.
Fox TV has officially announced the cancellation of Party Of Five at the end of this season. The show
will pair up again with (the final episodes of)
Beverly Hills 90210 on Wednesday nights this May. Darn it. I was looking foward to seeing yet another child playing Owen. How many have they had so far, three? I always love watching children on soap operas grow up practically over night. One more
hyper age growth over a summer hiatus and I
would swear that kid was Superman.

Count me in. Did you fill out your U.S. Census 2000? According to the warning on the envelope “Your response is required by law.” What are they gunna do .... arrest all the illegal aliens that don’t respond?


Spring sprung like a lamb out West.