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April 2000


Today’s Tour Guide: Musclebunny

Haven’t been anywhere in awhile? Me either! So, Mary Xmas and I visited Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland shortly after my birthday last month. I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures we took.
Click on the thumbnail for a full size view.

They must have used a whole tube of Superglue to hold these two cars onto the front wall of the Sam Goody Records on CityWalk at Universal Studios.

My other house is a castle.

I did a little fishing on our trip.

The fountain at Snow White’s
Wishing Well where I proposed

My beautiful fiancee
takes a break at the
“happiest place on earth”.

The train at the main entrance, plus a bunch of stupid people who wouldn’t get out of my shot!

A sneak peak at Grizzly Peak, located in the heart of Disney’s new California Adventure.