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April 2000


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Make Me Up

Cosmetic reviews and makeup reviews from the MMU panelists. Join in the fun and vote for your favorite products. Check out the top ten product list, meet the panelists, and have a great time at the Review Board.

It's all about make up!


Virtual Style - (Flash site)

Keeping up with the changes in the world of style can be a daunting task. is an online guide to the best life has to offer and an excellent resource for information on fashion, interior design, leisure and indulgences. (my favorite)

The site offers news, recommendations and insights into the latest fashion trends. In the "Features" section, you'll find a mix of on-the-scene reports, trend information, profiles and views, compiled by their worldwide network of editors and contributors.


Who Wants to Be a President (Shockwave)

So you're not impressed with the candidates for the nation's highest office? Do you think you have what it takes to be the president of the US? Can you exaggerate like Al Gore or dodge pop quizzes like George W. Bush?

No need for a well financed campaign, this quiz will let you know if you're politically savvy enough to win.



A site for teens providing a forum for interaction. The site has news, crafts, fitness, message boards, shopping, advice, tips on a variety of issues, etc.


Easter Facts

Curious about the origins of the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs? Visit this site for facts about the Easter season. There are links to many other Easter sites and an Easter Egg hunt game for kids. Also, find out what day Easter will fall on through 2010.


Florida is HOT with spring break.