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October 2000


Okay bubbelahs, the results of last month's poll are in, and may I thank you all for your responses...some funny...some questionable (what is paté?), some couldn't make up their minds...

1. Hard cover book or paperback -- paperback although it was pointed out that hardcover makes a better weapon...(see what I mean?)

2. Time magazine or People magazine -- People (although Time makes you look smarter...guess he's not as dumb as he looks, haha)

3. The mountains or the beach -- 99% for the beach, although The Yenta is pro-mountain herself (The Catskills, notwithstanding)

4. eating out or eating in -- gee no one wants to eat in anymore

5. talking on the phone or talking in person -- majority said in person...somebody with a very sexy voice said the phone...hmmmm?

6. shop til you drop or wear what you got -- Seems that Gabby figured in this question since the majority want to shop (unless Gabby goes along) and the ones who wear what they've got think Gabby will be livid! [Ed. note: Gabby was unavailable for comment. She's out shopping.]

7. eternal love or seasonal flings -- Wove, sweet, wove wins out again...seems we're getting too old to fling things.

8. Bush Jr. or Gore -- well when your choice is either being bushed or getting gored...most chose the Goring.

9. pasta or paté -- Everyone loves Pasta!!!

10. The Concorde (well who knew) or The Pacific Princess (cruise ship) -- since you can't seem to find a good SST when you need one, we'll all be together on the cruise ship.

Tune in next month, cause you never know just what
The Yenta has in store. Til then...
be true to your teeth and they will not be false to you!

The Yenta

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