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October 2000


by (Livin' La Vida) Mocha


English Translation:

Have you always wondered what it would be like to live as a cat for a day? What's it like to live la vida Mocha? Lucky for you, I keep a diary! Here's what yesterday was like:

6:30am Sat next to my owner's head as she slept. Stared at her in the hope of waking her up. All she did was flop over. Walked over to the window and tapped the mini blinds with my paw several times. Dodged flying stuffed animal. I think it was a Pooh Bear. Banged on the mini blind some more.

6:45am My owner's alarm clock went off. Finally! I was starving! Ran over to
the side of her bed and meowed loudly. Followed her to the bathroom
hoping she would feed me. Waited patiently while she used the big water bowl. Followed her down the stairs weaving in and out of her legs as a warning not to keep me waiting again like this tomorrow.

7:00am Finished breakfast. Licked whiskers and bathed.

7:05am I didn't feel very clean. So, I bathed again.

7:10am Went back up the stairs to watch my owner prepare for work. She goes through such long rituals. I am still not sure why she likes standing in that box with water squirting on her. But I like to watch her through the glass doors.

8:00am Jumped up onto the kitty perch in the window sill for my morning nap. There is a nice view from that was stay... awake....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11:30am My nap was refreshing, but I was hungry again. Went downstairs for a light snack. Munched on some crunchy food. I love the kind with the seafood middles! MMMMMMMMMM

11:35am Licked whiskers and bathed.

11:40am Caught glipse of a mouse. Stalked it and pounced! MMMMMMMMM cat nip odor! Flipped it around the room a little. Sister cat saw the mouse and stalked it too. Well, my fun is over. She ruined it.

11:45am - 1:00 pm Took nap on couch.

1:05pm Used litter box. Scratched 50 gillion times until everything was properly buried. Sister cat watched. I felt so violated.

1:10 - 4:00pm Took a nap on top of the Kitty condo.

4:05pm Got hungry. Kept a lookout in window sill on the kitty perch looking for owner to come home and feed me.

4:10pm Sneak attack launched by sister cat. Wrestled her to the ground until she meowed uncle. Bit her again just out of spite.

4:30pm Back in the window to wait. Fell asleep waiting.

5:00pm Heard car in driveway. Oh it's not her. It's my other owner. He doesn't feed me using my favorite bowl. I will wait until SHE comes home.

5:30pm Heard another car in the driveway. It's her! It's her! Rushed to door and waited for her entrance.

5:31pm Greeted my owner with a heart felt meow. Followed her to kitchen and begged for dinner. I was starving.

5:35pm Ate dinner

5:45pm Licked whiskers and bathed.

5:55pm Got lucky, owner let me outside onto the balcony to catch a breeze. Stuck my nose in the air and sniffffffffffed. It was lovely.

6:00pm Came back inside and took a nap on the kitty condo.

9:00pm Sat at back door and looked outside. I wondered what it would be like to be outside. To be a jungle cat. To be fierce. To be..... <<ear perk>> what was THAT noise???? Ran upstairs and hid under the bed.

9:30pm Owner went to bed. Jumped up and layed at her feet. Tried to watch TV with her...but it was...too ....hard... to ... stay .......awake..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz