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October 2000


by Mary Xmas

Big Brother is watching you:
Congratulations to Eddie, the one-legged, foul-mouthed New Yorker that claimed the half million dollar prize from CBS's latest reality TV show. Teen heart-throb Josh was the runner up, claiming the $100k prize, while the third prize of $50k went to Curtis, the always-laughing lawyer from San Francisco. As I said from day 1, go Eddie! That's two for two. I also picked Rich as The Survivor back in
week 3. Maybe I need to go work for Dionne Warwick's Psychic
Friend's Network, I could really clean up.
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Jumping on the band wagon: Melissa Etheridge and partner Julie Cypher announced September 19 that they have ended their 12-year relationship. They made headlines back in January when they revealed musician David Crosby is the biological father of their two children. Julie is expected to show up dazed and confused in Fresno next week.
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Guess! who: Former jeans spokesmodel Anna Nicole Smith is squaring off with her stepson, J. Howard Marshall III, in court over the estate of her late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. Although she isn't in the will, Smith says she deserves a chunk of his multimillion-dollar fortune. Marshall's son was also omitted from the will and is seeking his cut. The Houston trial began September 22 with jury selection and is expected to last over two months. Good news for Smith came on September 27th when a US Bankruptcy Court judge awarded Smith $449 million of Marshall's $2 billion estate. Hey, anyone willing to sleep with a 90 year old man for over a year deserves at least a half a billion dollars in my book. So just give it to her already!
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With my spear and magic helmet: Just what does one wear to operate on a patient who has a live grenade trapped in his right leg near the knee? Why.... body armor and helmets of course! On September 20, doctors and nurses in Russia performed surgery in an open field to de-mine Junior Sargeant Andrian Chebodayev. Now, what I really want to know is just HOW does one get a granade trapped in their leg?
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It takes Diff'rent Strokes: The world just hasn't been the same since the passing of Dana Plato in May of 1999. I gave it a try, but I have decided to cancel my subscription to The Enquirer. No other washed up celebrities have her enormous lack of sense. You don't see Jan Michael Vincent robbing video stores without wearing some kind of mask to hide his famous identity. Pay homage to Dana...
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