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October 2000


In my search for finding a Fun web site to turn you all on to I came across some really DUMB ones. I had no idea that there are so many crazy people out there with nothing better to do than make these bizarre websites. Hummmmmmm...wonder what that says
about me finding them???? <g> A lot of the sites are of the type that aren't for the younger eyes so I won't list them here, but if any of you are interested, let me know and I will let you know where they are (some are damn funny). I will list 4 sites now and each month I will slip a new site into my article.

Ladies? Do you think your mate is Dull??? Is he about as exciting as watching corn grow, learning to boil water, giving to the ShoppingCart Awareness fund? Then this site is for him!

I know all of us here have different views on the "Death Penalty" and I really wasn't sure about adding this. But I did because I was amazed that something like this was online. So I will warn you, if you have strong feelings against the Death Penalty Do NOT go to this site. There is nothing gorey here and the person you get to pull the switch on isnt real (at least I hope he isn't).

We all bitch about idiot drivers. Heck I get paid to license them, LOL, but I found out where they learned to drive.

OK are you bored yet??? If not here is 1 site that I know will bore the hell outta ya. I don't even have to explain, the name says it all!