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March 2000


Dear Ms. Yenta,

Can you help me? My boyfriend is Jewish and I am not. We love each other very much and plan to be married. His mother is not too pleased about this. She keeps referring to me as "that little shiksa" and even though I don't know what it means, I think it's probably not nice. I have tried to be friends with her but whenever she sees me she says "oy" and looks like she's going to faint.

What can I do?

Not Kosher in Kalamazoo

Dear Not Kosher,

When your prospective mother-in-law refers to you as a "shiksa" I'm sure she means it in the best possible way, even though it is a term that Jewish mothers use for the trash they don't want their son to marry. No matter what you do for this woman, it will never be good enough for her don't even try. When she says "oy" say "oy vey". She will think you are trying to be Jewish and even though she won't accept you, she will pass you off as such to her friends.

Other than that, try chicken won't help........but it couldn't hurt.

The Yenta

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