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March 2000



Hello all! Welcome to my Grammy edition.
In this issue I plan to give you a brief look into my thoughts and feelings about this year’s winners.

Carlos Santana
First of all, Kudos to
Santana for his stunning 8 wins. It’s about time he gets proper recognition for his contribution to the music industry. Supernatural won best rock album and album of the year. It is definitely worth checking out.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
took home the award for best new artist. I agree, although, I'm a little surprised that she beat out Britany Spears. She has a great voice and is very talented. Listen to some of songs that aren't getting airplay. There’s more to her than being a genie in a bottle.

For best pop album the winner was Sting. It’s a great album for Sting fans, however, I'm not sure that this album appeals to the younger crowd. I can't listen to it more than once through.

Best alternative performance was Beck's album, Mutations. Sorry Beck but I really don't like this album at all. I'm sure that Beck fans are pleased, but this album is hardly the best representation of this past year's alternative music.

got the award for best R&B album. Congrats!! They worked hard on this album and despite their controversial private lives they've come out with a good release. It is a "Parental Advisory" album, but still remains popular with the teens.

This is where I get upset. Best rap album winner is Eminem. I have nothing against Eminem but this album is horrible. One of the tracks on this CD is from a man’s perspective who has just murdered the mother of his child and is explaining to the child where mommy went. Is this the kind of album you want to reward? You be the judge.

The Dixie Chicks
The Dixie Chicks won best country. I think I would have picked someone else, however, the Dixie Chicks album "Fly" is entertaining.

Last but not least for me is the Tarzan Soundtrack. It got the Grammy for best Soundtrack. I agree with that. Disney always manages to find people who can write songs that both adults and children can relate to.

Well that’s it for me. Thanks for checking out what I have to say. Congrats to all of this years winners! Keep it up.

Seth Gecko / Joey