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March 2000


by (Livin' La Vida) Mocha

"Me-ow. Merrph"

English Translation:
I am primarily an indoor kitty. My owner only lets me out when is she is able to watch me, but I never leave the backyard. However some cats do. So, all pets should wear identification in case they get lost. Currently there are four primary forms of proper ID: Microchips, ID Tags, Ear Tags, and Tattoos. For an extra precaution, it is best to combine any of these methods. I have 2 of the 4.

I wear an ID tag around my neck attached to my Safety Collar. It gives my name, owner’s phone number, and my Avid microchip number. My Safety Collar is great. It will “un-clip” if I get caught on something. Which is why I also have a microchip.

The chip is only about the size of a piece of long grain rice; it was injected between my shoulder blades before my owner adopted me from a local animal shelter. When I went to the vet for an exam shortly after, we found that their microchip scanner did not read Avid numbers. So we had the number placed on my tag as well. I feel really safe now.

Some other cats I know have ear tags. An increasing number of pet owners are using this form of ID, however it isn’t appropriate for kittens younger than 4 months old. The tag is just like a pierced earring -- it’s removable for cleaning and it rotates during grooming. The surgical quality, stainless steel tag is inserted at the base of the ear in a relatively painless procedure. And as a safety feature it is highly reflective.

As a permanent option, tattooing is the best form of ID. At age 6 months or older, a cat can get a tattoo inside their ear (where hair will not obscure the markings). The code is kept at a registry, just like the microchip. When someone finds a cat with either a tattoo or microchip, they can call a toll-free registry number and obtain the owner’s information. The registration fee to owners is minimal (between $20 - $40 for a lifetime), and worth every penny.

If your pet does get lost, visit for several very handy tips on ways to find them.

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