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March 2000


Kreated by Bev Lanshe

"Featured Site"

This is something that is very newsworthy for internet shoppers.

It's a web site designed to help out local schools. If a person shops via the internet, 20% of their purchase goes to the
school of their choice. You sign up, and choose a school.
Then you go to whatever site (from that one) and the
proceeds automatically go to the school.

We have our school set up already and it's going nicely.
The "mall" that you can shop from seems to include all
the major shopping sites.

Check it out. Even if you don't have kids, get the name of your niece’s, nephew’s, or friend’s schools, just to help.

Our home and school is excited about this because
the money can be used for anything!!!!

See ya next month!

If you have a featured website you'd like to see mentioned here or want to share with other parents, be sure to send it in to

Weather day of rain predicted in SE,
but then HOT HOT HOT