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June 2000


The Soap Box

Attention all readers! Here is YOUR page. Step up onto
the SOAP BOX and tell us your thoughts, feelings, or ideas
on any subject of general interest.

After being semi-retired for four months and having the opportunity to watch daytime TV at a time when I never could, I thought I would loll around, eat bonbons and check out some programs.

It boggles my mind..Jerry Springer is stuck on "who done what to whom and how often"..Jenny Jones has "I was ugly, now I'm a fox, so take that" and Maury seems to be hell bent on reforming the pre-teen and teenage population.. Of course, there's Rosie and Oprah who both think they are "all that" and that the world should hang on to their every word. I disagree and I think that many people think that the sun rises and sets by these women. Granted, they contribute to charitable foundations and "do good" in the world, but when an author can get to the top of the best seller list just because Oprah liked the book, give me a break!

Of course, you can watch soaps galore (whoop dee doo), real life courtroom drama with Judge Judy (you shut up, I'll tell you when to speak) and cable has reruns of 70's shows, but other than that I haven't seen anything that would hold my interest. Maybe Regis will start a daytime Millionaire show, but I'm not holding my breath.

Gee I'll probably have to actually get out of the house and go somewhere or God forbid..get another job.



Hey ladies...
it’s "go without a shirt weather" in HOT Springs, Arkansas (heh, heh)