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June 2000


The General's Daughter

Rated: R

CAST: John Travolta, James Woods, Madeleine Stowe, James Cromwell
Timothy Hutton, Leslie Stefanson

DIRECTOR: Simon West


The General's Daughter is about a Criminal Investigations Divisions officer named Paul Brenner (played by John Travolta), who is investigating the murder of the daughter of an established army general (James Cromwell). Another officer is assigned as his partner (Madeleine Stowe), and together they try to track down the murderer but find themselves getting more than they had bargained for.


The General's Daughter is a good movie that could have been great. The acting, directing, and plot are all top notch! But unfortunately, the film doesn't find the right note and as a result, loses its edge.

Travolta is good, but sometimes he seems to have his tongue in his cheek at inappropriate moments. Madeleine Stowe and Timothy Hutton are good, but the best performance of the movie is given by the always terrific James Woods. Woods plays Colonel Moore - friend and mentor to the general's daughter - who seems to be hiding something. This is one of Woods' best performances and he easily upstages Travolta.

The actual death scene is needlessly graphic and disturbing and was just too creepy for my liking. The mood that the film sets makes the manner of the murder seem completely out of place and unnecessarily exploitative.


The General's Daughter is still a pretty good film, but it really sizzles in its scenes between Travolta and Woods. The film is worth seeing for Woods alone, but it had the potential to be so much more!

Kevin Lane of