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June 2000


by (Livin' La Vida) Mocha


English Translation:

Have you ever had something caught in your throat that you just couldn’t hack up? I don’t mean a hairball, I mean something actually choking you. Luckily I have not, but if I ever do, I am glad my owner knows what to do in case of such a pet emergency.

The Heimlich maneuver used on people will not work because the anatomy of a cat is different than a human. The spinal set-up is different, so you can’t compress against the spine. The best thing to do is hold the cat upside down and shake the object loose.

The American Red Cross hosts pet first aid courses through most of their chapters. To find the one nearest you, log on to and enter your city or zip code.

These other websites offer first aid information and resources:

As you are well aware, vet costs are rising steadily, and most pets do not have health insurance. But, knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between expensive vet bills and reasonable home care.

So Cal is back to normal....
HOT and Smoggy {cough}