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June 2000


by Mary Xmas

The Joy Of Cola. Just yesterday, my beloved cat, Mocha,
and I were enjoying a glass of ice cold Pepsi when we saw the latest commercial for the soft drink of our choice. The little curly haired girl is on stage - in full makeup- performing with the rock band KISS.This is definately their HOTtest commercial of the year.
Mocha sez: Peter Chriss is one HOT cat!

WASSUPP? Ok, if I get greeted one more time with "whaaaaaah-supp??" I am gunna kick some boo-tay. Goo gawd, it’s not even an attractive catch phrase. I can’t imagine it’s selling any more beer than before those ad wizards implemented this new HORRID ad campaign. Bring back the ferret and the Bud frogs, or at least Spuds McKenzie.

He even took the last can of WHO-HASH.
Coming to theaters this Thanksgiving, it’s Jim Carrey as The Grinch. I have seen the set of this movie twice now and it looks so cute. I strongly encourage you to view the trailer for this movie, for I cannot tell you how HOT Jim’s makeup is with mere words! Here is a picture of a Who’s car that Musclebunny took during our first tour of the set at Universal Studios - Hollywood last March.


It’s a perfect night to dance
in Charleston, South Carolina