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February 2000


Kreated by Bev Lanshe

When we think of "kids" we think of days in the park, snowball fights, roller coasters and building sandcastles. We always imagine carefree days of fun and frolicking without concern for dangers and hazards that face todays youth. Not that I want to bring down those wonderful memories, but it's always wise to new and experienced parents to be aware of what can happen. We've all heard the dangers of cleaning products, outlets, and stairs for younger children. But it's always important to watch for everything. Dangerous items such as aspirin, prescription drugs, and simple cough medicines left on the kitchen counter are just as bad. I myself find that I'm not the best at putting it back in the cabinet, because I need to re-dose in 4 hours. I assume my children, being ages 5 & 7, "know better" but that's a HUGE mistake. I recently found my son pouring himself some cough syrup because his cough hadn’t subsided as quickly as he wanted it to. This was a wake up call that I was glad to get before it became a 911 call. Now that I'm coming off sounding like a bad parent, I want to be sure that this doesn't happen to others. It's the simple things we take for granted that cause problems. The bottom line: always rethink and double check that you're being safe around children.

"Question of the Month"

This next section of KIDS KORNER is going to pose a question to the general public for your opinions. My e-mail address is posted at the bottom of this article and I welcome your feedback on the "Question of the Month". Please send your answer/comments and they'll be posted in the following month's article. If you'd like to remain anonymous please leave the name you'd like posted. All comments/questions will remain confidential. Also if you have a question you'd like asked, please send that info as well.

Are Video Games Safe For Children? Are they babysitters?
Are they taking away from reading and imagination?
(I know it's 3 questions)
Send comments/answers to

"Featured Site"

Here children of all ages will find activities and games that will make them learn, smile and explore. As we continue, I'll inform you of pages based on different age groups of children.
But for this first month, this is a wide range of activities
to keep all children busy.

If you have a featured website you'd like to see mentioned here or want to share with other parents, be sure to send it in to