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February 2000


Welcome to my lil corner of this newsletter. What I hope to bring you monthly is a review of various web sites that offer all kinds of “FREE” thrills. Things like contests, sweepstakes, games, etc. If you know of a web site that offers any of these things let me know and I will share it here.

You want games???? This place has more games than DT has frequent flyer miles to Reno <g> There is no registration required to play any of the games on this site. The only problem I found was that some games do take some time to load. Unlike some websites, “javaarcade” does not offer prizes, however they do have a weekly drawing for a “javaarcade” hat.

You will find many types of games on this site. Classic arcade games like
“PacMan”, puzzles and mazes, boardgames like “Othello”, and all sorts of casino type games.

While you’re on the main screen check out the link marked “funcomm”, its a great site that offers something for everyone. For the younger generation there are links to great sites like “Ringling Brother’s Circus” the “Muppets” etc. For the teens there are links to sites like “MTV”, “College Entrance Information”, “New Driver’s Information” etc. For the Older crowd there is information on “A.A.R.P.”, “Medicare”, “Senior Chat Rooms” etc. There are also links to more games, email greeting cards, holiday ideas, and crafts. If you’re aged 1 to 101 there is something on this site for you!

The SE still cannot handle any type of winter weather.