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Quiz #2

The songs this time are generally more mainstream. The range this time is 1957-1974, and only 2 of these songs didn't chart in the Top 40. You'll know these two songs and I think you'll be surprised to discover that they didn't make it to the Top 40. Fourteen of these 25 songs were TOP 10 - so you should know pretty much all of these.

The one change from quiz one is that I'm omitting the two "tiebreaker" questions this time, and making the quiz "theme" the tiebreaker. The last theme was pretty obvious, and I hoped the theme would prove useful in seeking out some of the songs. This time the theme is much tougher, and I'll be impressed if anyone picks up on it. One of the songs in this quiz provides a very obscure hint to the overall theme.

All submissions for this quiz will be due by 11:59 pm eastern on Friday, November 19. Good luck!

Answers, Results & Commentary for Quiz #2

When I kissed you, girl, I knew how sweet a kiss could be
(I know how sweet a kiss can be)
Like the summer sunshine, pour your sweetness over me
(Pour your sweetness over me)


Bony Maronie, Peggy Sue
Ain't got that love
So very true-ue


First gear, it's alright
Second gear, I'll lean right
Third gear, hang on tight


It's been so long since you've been gone away
And maybe when you come back
You'll be home to stay


Just promise me this
That you'll give me all your kisses
Every winter, every summer, every fall


Doctor, a lawyer and an Indian chief
They all dig that crazy beat


Put your hands on your hips
And kinda let your backbone slip
Move your body just like a whip


And don't tell me what to do
And don't tell me what to say
And please, when I go out with you
Don't put me on display


I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk


I'm a friendly stranger in a black sedan
Won't you hop inside my car?
I got pictures, I got candy
I'm a loveable man


I swear I'll always love you
But a girl from that place would just bring me disgrace
So my folks won't let me love you


Along came a native girl
Did a native dance
It was like in paradise
Put me in a trance


The television man is crazy
Saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks
Man I need a TV when I've got T. Rex


We're no threat, people
We're not dirty, we're not mean
We love everybody
But we do as we please


I said "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"
I said "Doctor, now let me get this straight"


Ooh love, to hold ya
Ooh love, to kiss ya
Ooh love, I love it so


So don't you shed a tear for me
I ain't the love you thought I'd be
I've got a hundred more like you
So don't be blue


For you know that it's a fool
Who plays it cool
By makin' the world a little bit colder


It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Doing things I used to do
They think are new


I tiptoe past the master bedroom where
My mother reads her magazines
I hear her call "sweet dreams"
But I forget how to dream


The weekend at the college didn't turn out like you planned
The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand


In the still of the night
Once again I hold you tight
Though you're gone
Your love lives on when moonlight beams


We're having a party
Ev'rybody's havin' a great time
All the gang's here and a-dancin'


Well, I love you so
Oh girl, and I'll never let you go
Come on baby, so
Oh pretty baby, I love you so-o


All over the country
I'm seein' the same
Nobody's winning
At this type of game



There is a reason why I did not select any songs beyond 1974. That's your hint. One of the songs and/or artists in this quiz is another hint. There are no hidden messages in the lyrics.

By the way - Dick Clark began hosting a local Philadelphia television show in July of 1957, but by the following month, it had been renamed "American Bandstand" and was first broadcast to a national television audience on ABC on August 5th. Charlie O'Donnell was Clark's announcer from the beginning (he was also Clark's announcer for much of the "$10,000, then $25,000, then $50,000, then $100,000 Pyramid".

You should remember Charlie O'Donnell's voice from a lot of different places - he was -at one time or another - the announcer for Bullseye, Card Sharks, the Dating Game, the Gong Show, Joker's Wild, the Newlywed Game, Tic Tac Dough, and Wheel of Fortune, among many others.

Dick Clark hosted American Bandstand until 1987, when he was replaced by David Hirsch. O'Donnell only announced the show until 1969. Clark co-wrote a 1985 book called "The History of American Bandstand: It's Got a Great Beat and You Can Dance To It" with Michael Shore.

Having said all of that, however - this month's theme has NOTHING to do with Dick Clark, or American Bandstand (or even Charlie O'Donnell, for that matter). Sorry.