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Quiz #1

Release dates included in this quiz: 1946 - 1994

There is a definite and obvious theme used in every question.

There are 2 tie-breaker questions (lyrics T1 and T2) that will only be used to break any ties in the final scores. These two lyrics are alphabetized separately from the 25 songs that make up the main body of the quiz.

Deadline for response submissions: Friday, November 5, 11:59pm eastern time.

Answers, Results & Commentary for Quiz #1

Quando paramucho mi amore defelice corazon
Monda pararazzi mi amore chicka ferdy parasol
Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel

Well there she is again
Standin' over by the record machine
Well she looks like a model
On the cover of a magazine

I will be king
And you
You will be queen

She looked straight out of Disneyland
You know the Cinderella ride

Very soon she was a star
Pretty house and shiny car
Swimming pool and a fence around
But she missed her old home town

I think of you every morning
Dream of you every night
Darling, I'm never lonely
Whenever you are in sight

Don't try to feed me
I've been here before and I deserve a little more
I belong in the service of the Queen

Look at my king all dressed in red
I betcha five dollars he'll kill you dead

Well it's king over king
And it's queen over queen
It's gonna be the meanest flood
That anyone's ever seen

A broom is drearily sweepin'
Up the broken pieces of yesterday's life
Somewhere a queen is weeping
Somewhere a king has no wife

He's the toughest man there is alive
Wearin' clothes from a wildcat's hide
He's the king of the jungle jive

They got a divorce as a matter of course
And they parted the closest of friends
Then the king and the queen went back to the green
But you can never go back there again

Oh baby, what you've done to me
You make me feel so good inside
And I just want to be close to you
You make me feel so alive

Wrapped in your arms
Is where I want to be
I want to be, want to be

Hearts full of motors painted green
Mouths full of chocolate-covered cream

Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite

Now if I'd known the line would form to see him
I'd take up all my money and buy me a museum

When I see the king
It reminds me that there is but one king of Heaven
God almighty

Oh and while the king was looking down
The jester stole his thorny crown

He'll tell you he's the king of those barrio streets
Moving up to Shangri-La
Came by his wealth as a matter of luck

While the rest of them dudes were gettin' their kicks
Boy, I beg your pardon, I was gettin' mine

There's a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run through in the night
Relax child, you were there
But only didn't realize and you were scared

Janey was lovely she was the queen of my nights
There in the darkness with the radio playing low

Like a king without a castle
Like a queen without a throne
I'm an early morning lover
And I must be moving on

Took her to the hotel
She said "you're the king"
I said "Be my queen, if you know what I mean"

Tie Breakers:

If you could only see me
And know exactly who I am
You wouldn't want to be me
Why, I can assure you of that

The black queen chants
The funeral march
The cracked brass bells will ring
To summon back the fire witch