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Weeks of May 31 & June 7, '99


Monday Blues Chaser

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Download of the Week

Week 4 Crossword

You've probably never seen anything like this! Corkboard is a highly interactive screen saver. This unique program runs full-screen and by default looks like a real corkboard, with to-do lists, sticky notes, a calendar, clocks, name plates, and thumbtacks. Right-click anywhere to add more items (such as pictures, decorations, and animated "gizmos") or modify what's already onscreen.


Keeping Our Children Safe


1 Wired memo
4 Yankee petrol
8 Not curr.
11 Sour
13 Self-promoting
14 Took a statement
16 Bug
17 Small mountain
18 Gives a lecture
20 Lack of elasticity
22 It can be heavy or precious
23 Sip from a flask
24 Tax-dodger's fear
26 "I've been __"
27 Pale reddish purple
28 Step in ballet
30 Broaden
31 Fresh-water fish
33 Progressive emaciation
34 Seaport in the Crimea
35 Travelled
37 Seed containers
38 Find the sum of
39 Language of European Jews
42 Pertaining to geodesy
43 Abominable snowman
44 Sin
45 Cushion
46 Coloring material

Solution Next Week


1 Craze
2 Very skilled person
3 Sword-shaped
5 Cain's victim
6 Turf
7 Sterile
8 Garbage
9 The greater part
10 Partly melted snow
12 Performance
15 Wily
18 Enclosed automobile
19 Consume
20 Powdery residue
21 Christmas rhyme opener
22 Stubborn slipper styles
24 Assisted
25 Agreement
27 Insulter
28 Paralysed
29 Ocean
30 Armed conflict
31 Mommy's mate
32 Phase
33 English royal house
34 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
36 River in central Europe
37 Elite alternative
39 Bark sharply
40 Pigpen
41 Hasten


What you can do to protect them from hazards in the air they breathe, the foods they eat, and more
Part 4 of a 5 part weekly series

by Jim Gould

Outdoor air pollution is caused primarily by exhaust fumes from automobiles and industrial emissions; the most significant source of indoor air pollution is cigarette smoke. Both sources produce thousands of chemical compounds, some of which are known to cause cancer, as well as a variety of respiratory problems -- particularly in children, whose small airways are more susceptible to irritations. To limit your child's exposure:

Don't smoke. If you must, don't smoke indoors. Even if you smoke only when your children are out of the house, the chemicals and particulates contained in cigarette smoke can remain in your home for at least a day.

If news reports indicate your community is experiencing elevated levels of air pollution, limit your child's strenuous outdoor activity.

Inadequately ventilated buildings may trap pollutants released into the indoor environment from sources including cigarettes, gas appliances, and cleaning products.

If you live in a private home and your child is experiencing problems you think may be related to indoor air pollution, the solution may be as simple as opening a window and switching to nontoxic cleaning products. However, if you think the air in your child's school may be a problem, or if you live in an apartment building where air is filtered through other apartments or businesses, you'll need to learn about the efficiency of the building's ventilation system.

"The quality of indoor air can be a very serious problem," says Browner. "If you have reason for concern, you need to work with your building manager or school administrator." The EPA's Indoor Air Quality Clearinghouse (800-438-4318) can provide more information on how to recognize and clean up indoor air problems.

Next week: Part 5 - Lead Exposure

Solution to last week's crossword:

Generous to a Fault

Week 3 Solution

Critic's Corner

"Up Up Up Up Up Up" by Tarq

This is Ani DiFranco's second album in the last year.

The thing about Ani is that she is constantly evolving. She calls herself a folk singer. But I don't think her musical style can be defined. Not one album is like the last. I don't know if it's personal growth, phases of the moon or phases of her music. Anyone who is an Ani fan, who hasn't yet picked this CD up, is in for a very pleasant surprise. And anyone who has never heard Ani before will get hooked on her if they pick this one up. Actually, I have hooked people on her with almost every album she's put out.

In her last CD, "Little Plastic Castle", she was in more of a ska flavor. But I can only say that because more than one song on the album resembled ska. This one has more of a funk/jazz/hip-hop feel about it. But don't let that scare you. The percussion is amazing in this thing. Andy Stochansky is backing her on the drums again, but this time he seems to be using common household items. And the sound is amazing. Ani kicks some major tail, as ever, with her guitar playing. She is a virtuoso.

My pick of the entire CD would have to be "Hat Shaped Hat". This song is over 12 minutes long and is exciting and riveting throughout. It makes you want to jump up and start dancing. My second string pick would be "Come Away From It", a soothing and beautiful song. This song is over 8 minutes long, but compels you to close your eyes and drink it in.

Suffice it to say that this CD is worth every cent one would pay for it. I recommend it for people of any musical preference.

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