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May '99

Spring Cleaning

Keep Resin Furniture Like New After a few seasons' worth of weather and wear, white resin furniture may become stained or discolored. The Institute's Home Care Department found that though almost any cleaner will remove surface grime, only all-purpose cleaners such as Pro Formula 409 and Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner restored whiteness — even performing better than cleaners containing bleach. To get more life out of resin furniture, clean it at the end of the season, then cover or store indoors. When you take it out in spring, coat it with a thin layer of automobile paste wax for an extra layer of protection.


Banish Stubborn Carpet Stains Spots that reappear after cleaning are actually a combination of the dissolved soil and the cleaning product that was worked into the base of the carpet during cleaning. The dirt "wicks" back to the surface as the carpet dries. To keep spots from resurfacing, lay several sheets of paper towel over the freshly cleaned section and place a heavy object, like a book, on top. Leave in place for a few hours or overnight. As the carpet dries, any residual stain and cleaner will be absorbed by the toweling.


Conquer excuses and get back to the gym


This is the year you're going to triumph over your inner slug. You're going to start exercising, stick to it and get into shape. How many years in a row have you made that vow? Why can't you stick to it, when that insufferable friend of yours stays so motivated? Here, a plan of action for quitters. To find rebuttals to your best exercise excuses, learn how to ease back into fitness after a "vacation" and to discover winning strategies for keeping fit, check out these links.

More than just BBs

The Internet was first developed back in 1969 by the U. S. Defense Department and was originally called ARPANET, or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. This robust and reliable network was developed in the event of a thermonuclear attack. By 1986, the National Science Foundation (NSF) linked their high speed supercomputers together to provide scientists with greater computing power, and later joined forces with the Defense Department to provide the basic infrastructure known as the Internet.

More than 58 million people worldwide are connected to the Internet. Although originally developed by the government, in recent years the Internet has come to represent each of us: neighborhood public libraries, schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, professional organizations, government agencies, politicians, individuals, business people and multinational corporations.

Click here to learn more about the infrastructure of the Internet and what it can do for you.

Your Road Map to a Winning Portfolio
10 Steps You Can Take Now! By Barbara Mlotek Whelehan

Five of six adults have less than $100,000 saved for their retirement. Less than one in three Americans within 15 years of retirement has saved that much. Senior citizens aren't any better off. The median annual income of retirees is only $12,000, half of which is typically supplied by Social Security. And this is after the greatest run-up of security prices in history.

The mere fact that you're reading this article is proof that you don't want to follow the hordes and leave everything to chance. But creating financial security is not as easy as it looks. Experts universally agree: To succeed in the market requires a plan -- a road map, if you will -- in which you carefully consider each crucial step.

Here we provide a ten-step road map to a winning portfolio. It isn't the only route, but if you follow it, it will take you where you want to go and you will ultimately be able to count yourself among the successful mutual fund investors.

Travis Payne

Travis Payne

Employment advisers usually recommend against leaving a large Gap in a job résumé. But for choreographer Travis Payne, 29, it has been an advantage. Since he designed the swing-dance sequences for a Gap clothing TV ad last year, his career has skyrocketed.

Read his whole story in USA Today.


Bizarro by Dan Piraro

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