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Quiz #4

This time around, the songs date from 1960 to 1998.

Eighteen of the songs charted Top 20, and there are 4 Number One hits lurking within. Five of the twenty-five songs in the body of the quiz never appeared on the Billboard Hot 100. There are also two "hint" songs at the end of the quiz - neither of those songs charted.

As usual, there's a theme that links the 25 songs of the quiz. Just in case you don't spot the theme on your own - perhaps something about the two extra songs at the end of the quiz (H1 and H2) will help you out. Those two songs do NOT fit the theme.

All submissions for this quiz will be due by 11:59 pm eastern on Friday, December 17. Good luck!

Answers, Results & Commentary for Quiz #4

Virgil Caine is the name, and I served on the Danville train
'Till Stoneman's cavalry came, and tore up the tracks again

When ignorance and haste may mourn the dead
It is believing - it is believing
But listen to the color of your dreams
It is not living - it is not living

Those happy hours that we once knew
Tho' long ago, they still make me blue

I followed her to some darkened room
She took my money, she said "I'll be with you soon"

All the words that I've been reading
Have now started the act of bleeding
Into one, into one

You have no right to ask me how I feel
You have no right to speak to me so kind

Why, when you were only starting to go to kindergarten,
I'll bet you drove the little boys wild

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play

Ooh, you were meant to be near me
Ooh, I really want for you to hear me
Say we'll be together ev'ryday

We couldn't wait 'til graduation day
We took the car and drove to San Jose

The impression that you sell
Passes in and out like a scent
But the long face that you see comes from living close
To your fears

Didn't I teach you right, didn't I?
Didn't I do the best I could, didn't I?

Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None were level on the mind
Nobody up at his word

In the glass I saw a strange reflection
Was that lonely woman really me?

His honor is pure and his courage as well
And he's fair and he's true and he's boring as hell

Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed
'Cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed

Tried Betty Sue
Tried Betty Sue
Tried Betty Sue but I knew she wouldn't do

Oh no, you let the wrong word slip
While kissing persuasive lips
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow

She's not home when you call
So you can go to all
The places where she used to go
But she has gone away

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows if you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good

Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass
For your lorryloads pumping petrol gas
And you make them long, and you make them tough
But they just go on and on, and it seems you can't get off

Can we last forever, will we fall apart?
At times it's so confusing
These questions of the heart

It's too late to stop
Won't the heavens save me?
My daddy said the devil looks a lot like you

When did she get to be a beauty?
When did he grow to be so tall?
Wasn't it yesterday
When they were small?


I got my ticket
And I got a straight road
But I'm passing the same signs
Over and over

I wanna let you know what I was going through
All the time we were apart
I thought of you
You were in my heart