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You see something interesting for sale on Ebay, but you wonder: is the merchandise really going to arrive? And is it going to arrive in
one piece?

Wouldn't you rather make your purchases from someone you "know"? Well, me too!!! So here is a list of Ebay screen names for friends in our HOT community:

HOT Friend

Ebay Name



Ice Princess iceprincesss 1924 misc. books
Ice Prince iceprince 872 sci-fi books
Orrymain orrymain 571 celebrity news
tktwrtr tktwrtr25 339 toys, collectibles
Mister Bubble wendyscards 219 postcards, collectibles
PamJB pamjb 67 clothes, books, housewares
daweeze daweeze 31 Disney collectibles
Mary Xmas smittenkitten99 12 Beanie Babies, suede afghans

HOT Friend

Ebay Name



PC Belle pcbelle 29 coins, housewares
DT Lady dtlady 16 sports collectibles
BevLanshe beverlee24 4 electronics, games
Brian Krakow bkrakow 3 misc.
Flying V rmorgan3 2 car supplies
Musclebunny napabear 1 Star Wars Collectibles
Seth Geko jkrycia@aol.com 1 misc.

*Rating as of 1/1/01


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